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Case report
Delayed stenosis following stentriever use in acute stroke intervention
  1. Jeremy James Macke,
  2. Michael P Bellew,
  3. Frank R Hellinger Jr
  1. Department of Radiology, Florida Hospital, Orlando, Florida, USA
  1. Correspondence to Dr F R Hellinger Jr, Department of Radiology, Florida Hospital, 601 East Rollins Dr, Orlando, FL 32803, USA; fhellingerjr{at}


We report two cases of delayed post-embolectomy stenosis—that is, a new stenosis in the vascular bed of a previous endovascular embolectomy. The first case was discovered incidentally in a patient returning after embolectomy for evaluation of cerebral aneurysms. The second case was discovered on an MR angiogram obtained to screen for stenosis. This was prompted by our experience with the first case. To our knowledge, this phenomenon has not been reported previously.

  • Stroke
  • Stenosis
  • Vessel Wall

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