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E-035 new app to support decision making during stroke emergencies: ‘join’
  1. H Takao,
  2. T Ishibashi,
  3. I Yuki,
  4. S Kaku,
  5. I Kan,
  6. K Nishimura,
  7. R Mori,
  8. M Watanabe,
  9. Y Kanbayashi,
  10. Y Yeh,
  11. K Irie,
  12. T Sakano,
  13. H Arita,
  14. T Oobatake,
  15. Y Murayama
  1. Neurosurgery, Jikei University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan


Purpose Fastest decision making for cerebral stroke is absolutely imperative to raise the chance of patient good recovery. With the increasing demand for immediately diagnosis and treatment of stroke, the telemedicine has become one of the most important tools to access the fast and immediate communication, and support the efforts of stroke team. ‘JOIN’ has been developed to maximize the communication by rapidly accessing diagnostic images and clinical information, taking advantage of today most common communication format: social network/SMS.

Methods ‘JOIN’ was created to maximize the sharing and communication of patient data and images between hospital systems and paramedical staff members in and out of the hospital, through the today’s most common device: smartphones. ‘JOIN’ can transfer information such as clinical data, CT, MR, Angiographic and intraoperative images, as well as having on-fly expert opinion and real-time discussion inside of same chat room, making ‘JOIN’ the single and ultimate hub for the professionals to access ‘what’s going on’ with the patient.. The system is specially maximized for the communication in emergencies.

Results A new pilot run of ‘JOIN’ in our hospital showed adequate performance and proper information flow, resulting in proper diagnosis and management of all stroke patients. The ‘JOIN’ system was introduced to our institution in August 2014, for communication with our affiliated hospitals.

Conclusions The ‘JOIN’ is an efficient tool of appropriate standard management in most time demanding treatments of stroke. It is our belief that adoption of this app with smartphone will allow us to help and save the lives of more patients with cerebral stroke.

Disclosures H. Takao: 1; C; NTT DOCOMO, INC.. T. Ishibashi: None. I. Yuki: None. S. Kaku: None. I. Kan: None. K. Nishimura: None. R. Mori: None. M. Watanabe: None. Y. Kanbayashi: None. Y. Yeh: None. K. Irie: None. T. Sakano: None. H. Arita: 5; C; NTT DOCOMO INC. T. Oobatake: 5; C; NTT DOCOMO INC. Y. Murayama: 1; C; NTT DOCOMO, INC.

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