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E-049 morphometric study on cadaveric radial, brachial and subclavian arteries: the perspective of endovascular vertebral approach
  1. B Kim,
  2. D Shin
  1. Neurosurgery, Soonchunhyang University Bucheon Hospital, Bucheon-Si, Korea, Republic of Korea


Introduction To understand the anatomic characteristics of the radial artery (RA), brachial artery (BrA) and subclavian artety (SCA) and its branches to build a foundation toward performing endovascular vertebral approach by radial and brachial routes safely.

Method A total of 10 formalin fixed Korean adult cadavers were used. Radial artery puncture site (RAPS), brachial artery puncture site (BrAPS), median nerve (MedN) and bony landmarks of radial styloid process (RSP), medial epicondyle (ME) and sternoclavicular joint (SCJ) were defined as study indicators. The authors investigated as followings: 1) The measurement has been performed: The distances of RSP-RAPS, RSP-ME, ME-BraAPS, MedN-ME, SCJ-VAO, RAPS-VAO, BrAPS-VAO. 2) Inner diameters of RA, BrA, SCA, VAO. 3) Anatomical variations of palmar arch and tyrocervical trunk.

Result On the closed observation, the bony, neural and vascular landmarks on our study were well preserved on the cadavers. On wrist level (right/left): RSP-RAPS were 12.83 ± 3.71 mm and 13.99 ± 4.91 mm. RSP-MedN were 26.68 ± 7.85 mm and 27.01 ± 4.51 mm. Diameters of RAPS were 1.83 ± 0.97 mm and 1.71 ± 0.88 mm. Palmar arches were seen in 78%. On elbow level (right/left): ME-BrAPS were 42.07 ± 7.5 mm and 41.86 ± 12.24 mm. ME-MedN were 44.73 ± 8.49 mm and 44.55 ± 14.16 mm. Diameters of BrAPS were 3.39 ± 1.19 mm 2.99 ± 1.24 mm. Distance between BraA and ME was 3 mm. On shoulder level (right/left): SCJ-VAO were 58.89 ± 17.84 mm, 61.70 ± 11.75 mm. Diameter of VAO were 2.72 ± 1.86 mm and 3.14 ± 1.88 mm. Average numbers of tyrocervical trunk orifice were 2.22 and 2.78 on right and left. Distance of RAPS-VAO (right/left) were 566.50 ± 59.29 mm and 564.89 ± 101.38 mm and distance of BrAPS-VAO were 326.35 ± 48.95 mm and 3290.59 ± 84.94 mm. Angle of SCA-VA (right/left) were 73.67 ± 7.32 degree and 68.49 ± 11.12 degree

Conclusion This study may provide the basic anatomical information to catheterize RA and BraA for safely performing endovascular vertebral approach

Disclosures B. Kim: None. D. Shin: None.

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