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E-057 the endovascular treatment of distal posterior cerebral and cerebellar artery aneurysms
  1. C Muehle,
  2. A Elias
  1. Radiology, CRSC, Memorial Medical Center, Springfield, IL, USA


Introduction Distal Posterior Circulation Artery Aneurysms are relatively uncommon and represent a relatively challenging treatment subset of intracranial aneurysms because of the location and frequent incorporation of the native vessel. We present a series of 4 distal posterior circulation aneurysms, including 3 distal cerebellar artery aneurysms, treated with glue, Onyx and coils. A brief review of pertinent literature is included.

Purpose To understand the clinical presentation and treatment options in the management of distal posterior cerebral and cerebellar artery aneurysms.

Methods 4 cases of ruptured distal posterior circulation artery aneurysms treated at MMC from 9/13 to 9/14 were reviewed. The literature concerning the management of cerebellar artery aneurysms was briefly reviewed.

Results Because of the small vessel size, position of the aneurysms and incorporation of the parent vessel into the aneurysm, treatment can be difficult and required varying strategies. In this series, glue, Onyx and coils were all used. Outcomes were variable and largely dependent on the original clinical presentation. Pre and post procedural images will be presented as well as a short discussion of the rationale for the treatment choices.

Conclusion Distal posterior circulation aneurysms can be difficult to treat and may require different strategies depending on the accessibility, size and relationship to the parent vessel. Outcomes are highly dependent on the original clinical presentation.

Disclosures C. Muehle: None. A. Elias: None.

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