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E-059 validating the use of crisis management checklists in the neurointerventional suite
  1. R Burke
  1. Neurointerventional Radiology, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, Springfield, IL, USA


Introduction/purpose NIR Patients face many risks while undergoing highly complex procedures with multiple variables requiring coordinated efforts of the entire procedural team. There are similar experiences in other medical specialties and industries that have resulted in the creation of procedural checklists to improve preparation for and coordination of efforts during real crisis events. We present data that validates an educational process introducing the use procedural checklists in the Neuro Interventional Radiology Suite.

Materials and methods We created uniform emergency preparation/reaction plans with standard checklists, standard medications and standard equipment. Possible emergency scenario training included: contrast reactions, systemic reactions, vascular perforations and vascular occlusions. We educated staff by defining team member roles and cross trained for back-up ability. We stocked standard medications and equipment. We initiated emergency preparation plans with laminated checklists posted in the NIR suite. We surveyed team members to estimate their level of confidence in handling NIR Emergencies before and after initiation of this process. We surveyed staff opinion as to whether patient care was improved.

Results Team members reported improved comfort in crisis situations of between 31–52%. Average improvement in comfort was 44%. Nurses demonstrated most improvement in comfort of 34–67%. 92% of team members felt patient care had been improved. 100% felt these techniques would be helpful with other Issues in the NIR and general IR Suites.

Conclusion Our Results validate that team preparation; checklists and uniform responses to emergency events improve staff comfort levels during Neuro Interventional Crises and likely improve patient care in the NIR Suite.

Examples from educational materials and survey data

Vascular Perforation -

Disclosures R. Burke: None.

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