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E-033 SOFIA Plus Distal Access Catheter for Acute Stroke Intervention-Initial Single Center Experience
  1. R Cerejo,
  2. S John,
  3. A Bauer,
  4. G Toth,
  5. M Bain,
  6. M Elgabaly,
  7. T Masaryk,
  8. P Rasmussen,
  9. M Hussain
  1. Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland OH, Cleveland, OH


Introduction Endovascular thrombectomy (EVT) for acute ischemic stroke (AIS) has Level 1 evidence for improved patient outcomes compared with standard care. Effective and timely recanalization is of paramount importance to achieve this. The SOFIA Plus distal access catheter (Microvention, Tustin CA) is a newly available large lumen catheter (distal inner diameter – 0.070 inch). We present our initial experience with this device for thrombectomy in acute AIS.

Methods Retrospective analysis of all patients at our center who underwent EVT for AIS using the SOFIA Plus catheter was performed. Demographic, clinical and imaging data, and early follow-up outcomes were analyzed.

Results Nine patients underwent EVT using the SOFIA Plus catheter including 6 males with a median age of 63, and a median initial NIHSS of 18. Location of the large vessel occlusion were as follows: ICA terminus – 3, M1 segment – 4, M2 segment – 1, Basilar – 1. Primary direct aspiration method with the SOFIA Plus catheter was utilized in 7 cases, of which 3 required the use of a stent retriever in subsequent passes. In 2 cases, primary stent retriever plus aspiration via the SOFIA plus catheter technique was used. Median groin puncture to recanalization time was 33 minutes with median first pass to recanalization time of 9 minutes. TICI 2 b-3 recanalization was achieved in 8/9 cases with a median of 2 passes. None of the patients suffered a symptomatic intracranial hemorrhage. Amongst patients in whom follow up data was available, median discharge NIHSS was 4.

Conclusion In our single center experience, the SOFIA plus catheter was technically feasible, safe to use, and achieved high recanalization rates in a timely manner.

Disclosures R. Cerejo: None. S. John: None. A. Bauer: None. G. Toth: None. M. Bain: None. M. Elgabaly: None. T. Masaryk: None. P. Rasmussen: None. M. Hussain: None.

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