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O-009 Adapt therapy as frontline approach to treat patients with m2 and m3 occlusions in acute ischemic stroke – initial clinical experience of the ace and 3max reperfusion system
  1. J Altenbernd1,
  2. J Kuhnt1,
  3. S Hennigs2,
  4. R Hilker1,
  5. C Loehr1
  1. 1Knappschaftskrankenhaus, Recklinghausen, Germany
  2. 2Knappschaftskrankenhaus, Bottrop, Germany


Introduction/Purpose Assessment of the safety and efficacy of the 3MAX reperfusion system as frontline therapy for M2 and M3 occlusions.

Materials and Methods In this retrospective study, data was collected on 58 consecutive patients with M2 and M3 occlusions treated between January and September 2016 with 3MAX. Effectiveness was defined by rates of functional independence (90 day mRS 0–2) and revascularization to a core lab-adjudicated mTICI 2b/3 score, while complication rates were used to determine safety.

Results Patients presented with a mean age of 69+/-12 years (range 18–94 years), a median NIHSS score of 15 (IQR 10–18), and a median ASPECTS score of 9.0 (IQR 7–10). After the procedure, 100% (58/58) of patients were revascularized to mTICI 2b/3, with 81% (47/58) revascularized to mTICI 3. Aspiration alone achieved revascularization in 95% (55/58) of patients, with adjunctive stent retriever use in 5% (3/58) of cases to remove persistent occlusion. At 90 days, 95% (55/58) of patients regained functional independence. Incidence of symptomatic intracranial hemorrhage was 3% (2/58). No vessel dissections or perforations were observed.

Conclusion Findings support that the 3MAX reperfusion system appears to be safe and effective in attaining high rates of revascularization and functional independence for acute ischemic stroke secondary to M2 and M3 occlusions using ADAPT, either as frontline monotherapy, or in combination with adjunctive device use.

Disclosures J. Altenbernd: 1; C; Penumbra. J. Kuhnt: None. S. Hennigs: None. R. Hilker: None. C. Loehr: None.

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