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Middle column Stent-screw Assisted Internal Fixation (SAIF): a modified minimally-invasive approach to rescue vertebral middle column re-fractures


Background There is limited literature regarding the re-fracture of a previously augmented vertebral compression fracture (VCF). These re-fractures may present as an asymptomatic remodeling of the vertebral body around the cement cast while in other cases they involve the middle column, at the transition zone between the cement-augmented and non-augmented vertebral body. In the latter, a posterior wall retropulsion is possible and, if left untreated, might progress to vertebral body splitting, central canal stenosis, and kyphotic deformity. There is no consensus regarding the best treatment for these re-fractures. There are cases in which a repeated augmentation relieves the pain, but this is considered an undertreatment in cases with middle column involvement, posterior wall retropulsion, and kyphosis.

Methods We report four cases of re-fracture with middle column collapse of a previously augmented VCF, treated with the stent-screw assisted internal fixation (SAIF) technique. A modified more postero-medial deployment of the anterior metallic implants was applied, to target the middle column fracture. This modified SAIF allowed the reduction and stabilization of the middle column collapse as well as the partial correction of the posterior wall retropulsion and kyphosis.

Results Complete relief of back pain with stable clinical and radiographic findings at follow-up was obtained in all cases.

Conclusions In selected cases, the middle column SAIF technique is safe and effective for the treatment of the re-fracture with middle column collapse of a previously cement-augmented VCF. This technique requires precision in trocar placement and could represent a useful addition to the technical armamentarium for VCF treatment.

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