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Aneurysm healing following treatment with biodegradable embolization materials: assessment in a rat sidewall aneurysm model


Background Biodegradable materials that dissolve after aneurysm healing are promising techniques in the field of neurointerventional surgery. We investigated the effects of various bioabsorable materials in combination with degradable magnesium alloy stents and evaluated aneurysm healing in a rat aneurysm model.

Methods Saccular aneurysms were created by end-to-side anastomosis in the abdominal aorta of Wistar rats. Untreated arterial grafts were immediately transplanted (vital aneurysms) whereas aneurysms with loss of mural cells were chemically decellularized before implantation. All aneurysms were treated with biodegradable magnesium stents. The animals were assigned to vital aneurysms treated with stent alone or decellularized aneurysms treated with stent alone, detachable coil, or long-term or short-term biodegradable thread. Aneurysm healing, rated microscopically and macroscopically at follow-up days 7 and 21, was defined by both neointima formation and absence of aneurysm volume increase over time.

Results Of 56 animals included, significant increases in aneurysm volume 7 days after surgery were observed in aneurysms with vital and decellularized walls treated with a stent only (P=0.043 each group). Twenty-one days after surgery an increase in aneurysm volume was observed in decellularized aneurysms treated with long- and short-term biodegradable threads (P=0.027 and P=0.028, respectively). Histological changes associated with an increase in aneurysm volume were seen for aneurysm wall inflammation, periadventitial fibrosis, and luminal thrombus.

Conclusions An increase in aneurysm volume was associated with an absence of intrasaccular embolization material (early phase) and the breakdown of intrasaccular biodegradable material over time (late phase). Thrombus remnant and aneurysm wall inflammation promote aneurysm volume increase.

  • Aneurysm
  • Stent
  • Bioactive
  • Inflammation

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