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Case report
Complete meningioma resolution following endovascular embolization of chronic subdural hematoma
  1. Ehsan Dowlati1,
  2. Elyza Larson2,
  3. Mark Tierney3,
  4. Augusto E Elias3,
  5. Bryan E Figueroa4,
  6. Fazeel M Siddiqui5,
  7. Aditya S Pandey1
    1. 1Department of Neurosurgery, University of Michigan Michigan Medicine, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
    2. 2Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, East Lansing, MI, USA
    3. 3Department of Radiology, University of Michigan Health-West, Wyoming, MI, USA
    4. 4Great Lakes Neurosurgical Associates PC, Grand Rapids, MI, USA
    5. 5Department of Neurology, University of Michigan Health-West, Wyoming, MI, USA
    1. Correspondence to Dr Ehsan Dowlati, Neurosurgery, University of Michigan Michigan Medicine, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA; edowlati{at}


    We present the first reported case that describes the complete resolution of a meningioma following endovascular embolization. A man in his 70s who presented with gait abnormalities and recurrent falls was diagnosed with normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH) and found to have a small incidental meningioma. Due to ventriculoperitoneal (VP) shunt placement for cerebrospinal fluid diversion, the patient developed a bilateral subdural hematoma (SDH) requiring evacuation and drain placement. The patient also underwent bilateral middle meningeal artery (MMA) embolization. During the embolization, the known right frontal meningioma was embolized as it was supplied by the right MMA. The patient remained neurologically stable after this procedure. His follow-up magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) 1 year and 2 years after the procedure demonstrated complete resolution of the meningioma.

    • Embolic
    • Tumor
    • Meninges

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    • Contributors Conception and design: ED, AP, FS. Acquisition and data: ED, EL, FS. Analysis and interpretation of data: ED, FS, AE, AP. Drafting of the manuscript: ED, EL, FS. Critical revision of the manuscript: AP, MT, FS, BF. Supervision: AP, MT, FS. Approval of Final Draft: AP, AE, MT, FS, BF, ED, EL.

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