Table 2

Procedural information

CaseNIHSSTime to tx (hours)Intravenous TPADuration of tx* (minutes)Oral medsIntravenous medsIntra-arterial TPA (mg)Merci device usedNo. of passesTIMI scoreTICI score
12011No74A4V2.5 soft233
3306.5Yes18010V2.5 soft222B
4413No100H2V2.5 soft133
51715No130A, PH, I5NoneN/A33
  • * From skin puncture to arteriotomy closure.

  • Medications given during the procedure. A, aspirin; H, heparin; I, integrilin; P, Plavix.

  • Wake up stroke.

  • TICI, Thrombolysis in Cerebral Infarction; TIMI, Thrombolyis in Myocardial Infarction; TPA, tissue plasminogen activator.