Table 2

Imaging results, follow-up evaluation and treatment

Patient NoCross sectional imaging findings (Fischer grade)Initial angiographic evaluationArteriopathy distribution/gradeTime between documented SAH and arteriopathy (days)Follow-up angiographic evaluation and resultsFollow-up (days)Treatment
1Grade 2 SAHDSA, CTADiffuse, severe8DSA, complete resolution172Ca Ch blocker, steroids
2Grade 2 SAH, acute infarctsDSA, CTA, MRADiffuse, severe11DSA, marked improvement13Ca Ch blocker, steroids, cyclophosphamide
3Grade 2 SAHDSA, MRADiffuse, mild1DSA, complete resolution10Ca Ch blocker
4Grade 2 SAHDSA, MRADiffuse, moderate4DSA, marked improvement57Steroids
5Grade 1, acute infarctsDSA, MRADiffuse, severeNo SAHDSA, marked improvement31Steroids
6Grade 2 SAHDSADiffuse, mild0DSA, complete resolution35Ca Ch blocker
7Grade 2 SAHDSADiffuse, moderate0MRA, complete resolution43Observation
8Grade 2 SAHDSADiffuse, mild2DSA, complete resolution24Thorazine
9Grade 2 SAHDSA, MRADiffuse, mild0DSA, MRA, complete resolution60Ca Ch blocker
10Grade 1, acute infarctsDSA, MRADiffuse, severeNo SAHDSA, complete resolution45Oxycontin, nortriptyline
11Grade 2 SAHMRADiffuse, severe0DSA, complete resolution83Ca Ch blocker
  • Ca Ch blocker, calcium channel blocker; CTA, CT angiography; DSA, digital subtraction angiography; MRA, MR angiography; SAH, subarachnoid hemorrhage.