Abstract O-021 Table 1

Comparisons with the placebo patients from the PROACT II trial

PROACT II placebo (n=59)Penumbra MCA group (n=89)p Values*
Age (years) (mean)64660.4097
Female (%)39510.1814
Baseline NIHSS (median (range))17 (4–28)15 (5–25)NA
TIMI 2–318%88%<0.0001
Symptomatic ICH2%6%0.4026
mRS< at 90 days25%51%0.0037
Death at 90 days27%15%0.0895
  • * p value is for testing against PROACT II placebo using a two tailed Fisher's exact test.

  • ICH, intracerebral hemorrhage; mRS, modified Rankin Scale; NIHSS, National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale.