Table 2

Neurovascular, procedural and short term clinical outcome details of individual patients

Initial clotAOL*Time (min)Residual locationTICIFERHT‡‡ImagingNIHSS improvementmRSReason for terminationAdditional data
Successful proximal recanalization
ICA-L2405Distal M1IIaY5 h MRA131Max doseAdjuvant IA Reopro
ICA-L3355Distal M1IIbYHI25 h MRA−186Futile
ICA-T2570Mid-M1IIaPPH2§5 h MRA95FutileAspirin
Tandem2147Proximal M10Y5 h MRA24Technical difficultiesDistal clot at ICA terminus; heparin
Tandem3506Proximal M1I**PHI15 h MRA85Technical difficultiesCAS only; pressors
Tandem2360Distal M1IIbYHI124 h CTA151Max doseIA tPA only; heparin
Tandem3315Mid-M1IIb**YPH1§5 h MRA121Good flowCAS only; aspirin
ICA-L††3450Distal M1IIbNHI25 h MRA194UTA (2 pulls)Failed IV tPA
ICA-L2190Distal M1IIaN5 h MRA−236UTA (3 pulls)
ICA-L††3534Distal M1INHI25 h MRA−176Technical difficultiesCAS+Merci; aspirin
ICA-L††2585Proximal M1IIaNHI116 h MRA−44ComplicationCAS+Merci; aspirin; pressors
ICA-L3290Distal M10NPH2§9 h MRA124Complication
Failed proximal recanalization
ICA-T0330SameN24 h CTA−36
ICA-T0430SameN24 h MRA−236Aspirin
ICA-T1265SameNHI15 h MRA96Pressors
Tandem0250SameNUTA24 h TCD−195
ICA-T1380SameN5 h MRA−216
  • * Recanalization score of proximal ICA aspect of clot.

  • Time from symptom onset to intervention.

  • Reperfusion of residual MCA clot.

  • § Symptomatic HT.

  • At time of discharge. Negative NIHSS numbers reflect a neurological worsening at the time of discharge.

  • ** Spontaneous recanalization of the MCA seen after CAS.

  • †† The entire extracranial and intracranial ICA to the terminus was occluded in three patients.

  • ‡‡ HI1, HI2, PH1, PH2=types of HT classified according to the European Cooperative Acute Stroke Study (ECASS) definition.9

  • AOL, arterial occlusive lesion; CAS, carotid angioplasty and stenting; CTA, computed tomographic angiography; FER, facilitated endogenous recanalization at 24 h; HT, hemorrhagic transformation; IA, intra-arterial; ICA-T and ICA-L, contiguous intracranial internal carotid–middle cerebral artery; IV, intravenous; M1, horizontal segment of the middle cerebral artery; MRA, magnetic resonance angiography; mRS, modified Rankin score; NIHSS, National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale; P, partial FER; Tandem, tandem extracranial internal carotid–middle cerebral artery; TCD, transcranial Doppler ultrasonography; TICI, Thrombolysis in Cerebral Ischemia23; tPA, tissue plasminogen activator; UTA, unable to assess.