Table 2

Procedural details

CaseDominant venous sinusStenosis locationPressure gradient pre (mm Hg)Pressure gradient post (mm Hg)StentBalloonShuttle system used* Stent patent on follow-up imagingEvaluation methodAngiographic follow-up (months)
1RR transverse/sigmoid26310×60 Zilver (cook; self-expanding)6×4012F/9F/7F+Angio6
2RR transverse/sigmoid19310×60 Zilver6×4012F/9F/7F+Angio6
3RR transverse/sigmoid40310×60 Zilver6×4011F/9F/7F+MRI/MRV12
4RR transverse21710×60 Zilver6×4012F/9F/7F+Angio6
5RR transverse19410×60 Zilver6×4012F/9F/7F+Angio6
6RL and R transverse/sigmoid19110×40 SMART stent (cordis; self-expanding) L transverse6×407F+Angio6
10×60 SMART stent R transverse
10×40 SMART stent R sigmoid
7RL and R transverse14410×60 Zilver6×4012F+Angio6
8LL transverse/sigmoid33910×80 Zilver6×4012F/9F/7F+Angio5
9LL transverse/sigmoid20110×60 Zilver6×4011F/7F+Angio8
10COR transverse/sigmoid22510×60 SMART stent6×407F+Angio11
11RR transverse13310×60 Zilver6×4011F/7F+Angio6
12COL and R transverse25110×60 Zilver R transverse6×407F+MRI/MRV44
10×60 Zilver L transverse
13RL transverse/sigmoid34510×60 Zilver6×409F/7F+Angio6
14LL transverse/sigmoid36010×60 Zilver6×4012F/9F/7F+Angio3
15RR transverse/sigmoid27710×60 Zilver6×4012F/9F/7F+Angio3
Mean or %R: 10 (67%) 24410×60 Zilver 14/14 (100%)Angio: 13 (87%)Average: 9 median: 6
L: 3 (20%)MRV: 2 (13%)
CO: 2 (13%)
  • * In all cases, shuttles placed in the jugular bulb ipsilateral to the stenotic sinus for access. The numbers indicate the size of the shuttle. Two such numbers indicate a co-axial system and three a tri-axial system.

  • Angio, catheter angiography; CO, co-dominant; F, French; L, left; MRV, magnetic resonance venography; R, right.