Table 1

Four cases of corked PEDs and one case of pseudo-corking

Case NoAge (years), sexVesselGuide catheter* Microcatheter PED size (mm)Reason for removal of PED
149, FCavernous ICADACMarksman4.0×16Failed distal PED deployment
250, FOphthalmic ICANeuronMarksman4.0×14Failed distal PED deployment
378, FOphthalmic ICANeuronMarksman4.25×14Failed mid PED deployment
450, MBasilarReFlexMarksman5.0×35Distal PED dislodged from target vessel
5 65, FOphthalmic ICAReFlexMarksman4.5×20Distal PED malposition
  • * DAC catheter specifications: 5.2 Fr outer diameter (OD), 0.057 inch inner diameter (ID). Neuron catheter specifications: 6 Fr OD, 0.070 inch ID. ReFlex catheter specifications: 5 Fr OD, 0.058 inch ID 058.

  • Marksman microcatheter specifications 2.8/3.2 Fr OD, 0.027 inch ID (Covidien Vascular Therapies).

  • Pseudo-corking.

  • ICA, internal carotid artery; PED, pipeline embolization device.