Abstract O-036 Table 1

Technical Difficulties in the Initial Cohort of Patients Treated with the Pipeline Device

All Aneurysms (n=23)First Group (n=10)Second Group (n=13)p Value
Mean Maximum Aneurysm Sac Size (mm)11.415.48.20.015
Mean Aneurysm Neck Size (mm)
Mean Number of Pipeline Devices Deployed1.
Number of Fusiform Aneurysms5 (21.7%)3 (30%)2 (15.4%)0.62
Number of Saccular Aneurysms:18 (78.3%)7 (70%)11 (84.6%)0.62
Post-Deployment Dyna-CTA15 (65.2%)6 (60%)9 (69.2%)0.69
Balloon-Angioplasty of Pipeline Construct5 (21.7%)3 (30%)2 (15.4%)0.62
Technical Difficulties During Pipeline Device Deployment5 (21.7%)4 (40%, 2 Pipeline construct stenoses, 2 Pipeline construct herniations into aneurysm)1 (7.7%, a proximal Pipeline construct endoleak)0.13
New Permanent Neurological Deficit at Discharge1 (4.3%)1 (10%)00.43