Table 4

Procedural and periprocedural complications

n (%)
Mortality, n* 1 (3%)
Stroke, n
 Minor1 (3%)
 Major0 (0%)
Hemorrhage, n
 ICH0 (0%)
 SAH* 1 (3%)
Cranial nerve palsy, n1 (3%)
In situ PED thrombus, n 2 (6%)
Iatrogenic vessel dissection, n0 (0%)
Transient neurological deficit, n1 (3%)
Groin complication, n1 (3%)
  • * SAH and mortality were complications in the same patient.

  • Major stroke was defined as stroke present after 7 days that increased the NIH stroke scale by ≥4 points, and minor stroke was defined as a stroke that resolves completely within 7 days or increases the NIH stroke scale by ≤3 points.19

  • In both instances the thrombus completely resolved following treatment with ReoPro. One patient had no clinical sequelae and the other patient had a minor stroke.

  • ICH, intracerebral hemorrhage; SAH, subarachnoid hemorrhage.