Table 2

Procedural parameters

n or mean ± SEM
Total cases, n35 (100%)
Procedure access, n
 Triaxial system34 (97%)
 Biaxial system (brachial approach)1 (3%)
Guide catheter, n
 Neuron15 (43%)
 DAC5 (14%)
 ReFlex15 (43%)
Marksman catheter length, n
 135 cm10 (29%)
 150 cm25 (71%)
Total PEDs implanted, n64
Number of PEDs implanted per case, mean
 Anterior circulation1.2±0.1
 Posterior circulation6.5±4.0
Number of PEDs implanted per case, n*
 125 (73%)
 27 (21%)
 ≥32 (6%)
Mean fluoroscopy time per case, min
 Anterior circulation45.0±3.7
 Posterior circulation109.2±50.8
Mean intravenous heparin used per case (rounded to nearest 100), units
 Anterior circulation5600±150
 Posterior circulation11300±3600
Cases with adjunctive coils placed, n3 (9%)
Intra-arterial nicardipine used, n3 (9%)
Post-procedure systemic heparinization, n5 (14%)
Cases requiring removal of an incompletely deployed PED, n5 (14%)
Cases requiring balloon angioplasty of a partially open PED, n1 (3%)
Arterial closure device used, n10 (29%)
  • * For this category, the case total is 34 because a PED was not successfully implanted in one of the 35 cases.