Table 1

Perioperative thromboembolic and hemorrhagic complications after treatment of cerebral aneurysms with the Pipeline Embolization Device (PED) by pre-procedure PRU value

All perioperative complicationsp Value†Thromboembolic complicationsp Value†Hemorrhagic complicationsp Value†
All (%)Major* (%)All (%)Major* (%)All (%)Major* (%)
All procedures, n=488 (16.7)4 (8.3)4 (8.3)1 (2.1)4 (8.3)3 (6.3)
PRU<60 n=132 (15.4)2 (15.4)02 (15.4)2 (15.4)
PRU 60–200 n=323 (9.4)02 (6.3)01 (3.1)0
PRU>240 n=33 (100)2 (66.7)<0.001/<0.0012 (66.7)1 (33.3)<0.001/<0.0011‡ (33.3)1‡ (33.3)0.11/0.02
  • *Resulting in death or permanent disabling neurological deficit.

  • For difference in all/major complications.

  • ‡Patient death from large intracerebral hemorrhage ipsilateral to the Pipeline Embolization Device (PED) on postoperative day 4 in a clopidogrel hyporesponder (pre-procedure PRU 246) in whom the clopidogrel dose was increased to 150 mg before the PED procedure without rescheduling to a later date or retesting to assess the effect on the PRU value (PRU at the time of ICH was 10, figure 3).

  • n, number of procedures; PRU, P2Y12 reaction units.