Table 3

Vessel tortuosity, guide catheter position and clinical success

n or mean±SEM
Significant cervical ICA tortuosity
 Yes34 (44%)
 No44 (56%)
Guide catheter position, n
 Cervical ICA1 (1%)
 Petrous ICA23 (30%)
 Proximal cavernous ICA*48 (62%)
 Distal cavernous/clinoidal ICA†3 (4%)
 Supraclinoid ICA2 (2%)
 MCA (M1)1 (1%)
Clinical success, n
 Navien tracked to intended target78 (100%)
 PED deployed75 (96%)
  • *Proximal cavernous is defined as the vertical cavernous segment up to and including the posterior genu.

  • †Distal cavernous is defined as the horizontal cavernous segment and the anterior genu.

  • ICA, internal carotid artery; MCA, middle cerebral artery; PED, Pipeline embolization device.