Table 1

Demographics of a 16 patient study group who received prasugrel antiplatelet therapy

Age (years)PathologyStent use?Proton pump inhibitor or H2 receptor antagonist?Reason for no clopidogrel?P2Y12% inhibition (clopidogrel assay)Aspirin reaction units (aspirin assay)Bleeding complication?Stroke complication?Follow-up timelineAngiographic follow-upLength of therapy
63Right superior hypophyseal aneurysmYesEsomeprazoleNon-responder42% (3% on clopidogrel)430NoNo3 mosPendingOngoing (>3 mos)
24Right ICA pseudoaneurysmYesNoClopidogrel allergy99% (0% on clopidogrel)350Retroperitoneal hematomaNo1 moNone3 mos
60Right paraclinoid aneurysmYesNoNon-responder50% (0% on clopidogrel)455NoNo4 mosPending4 mos
53Basilar tip aneurysmYesNoNon-responder90% (5% on clopidogrel)477NoNo11 mos6 mos, no recurrence6 mos
48Right paraclinoid aneurysmYesNoNon-responder94% (0% on clopidogrel)425NoNo3 mosPending3 mos
57Symptomatic right M1 stenosisYesNoNon-responder30% (0% on clopidogrel)410NoNo3 mosPending3 mos
78AComA aneurysmNoRanitidineNon-responderNot performed (0% on clopidogrel)518NoNo1 moPending1 mo
53Right ICA ophthalmic aneurysmNoNoNon-responderNot performed (0% on clopidogrel)419NoNo12 mos6 and 12 mos no recurrence1 mo
51AComA aneurysmNoNoClopidogrel allergy43%415NoNo2 mosPendingOngoing (for CV reasons)
64Left symptomatic ICA stenosisYesNoNon-responder78% (9% on clopidogrel)406NoNo6 mos6 mos patent via ultrasound4 wks
41Left ophthalmic artery aneurysmYesRanitidineNon-responder95% (0% on clopidogrel)430NoNo5 mosPending12 wks
59Left ophthalmic artery aneurysmYesNoNon-responder64% (7% on clopidogrel)561NoNo1 yr6 mos, recurrence noted3 mos
61Right paraclinoid ICA aneurysmYesNoNon-responder50% (0% on clopidogrel)415NoNo4 mosPending4 mos
56Left PComA pseudoaneurysmYesNoNon-responder95% (6% on clopidogrel)453NoNo6 mos6 mos, no recurrence2 mos
72Left ophthalmic artery aneurysmYesNoClopidogrel allergyNot performed392NoNo3 mosPendingOngoing (>3 mos)
52Left ophthalmic artery aneurysmYesNoNon-responder71% (0% on clopidogrel)628NoNo6 mos6 mos, no recurrenceOngoing (>6 mos)
  • AComA, anterior communicating artery; CV, cardiovascular; ICA, internal carotid artery; PComA, posterior communicating artery.