Table 1

Demonstrates pertinent procedural and clinical data and outcomes

Patient NoAge (years)Presenting NIHSSDischarge NIHSSIV tPATarget locationInitial TICI flowFinal TICI flowTime to recanalization TICI IIb or greater (min)Time from symptom onset to groin puncture (min)Guide catheterThrombectomy device No 1Additional thrombectomy deviceTechnical complicationsComments
1391412YR MCA02B12360Neuron Max5 MaxNone
241193NL M1037510Neuron Max5 MaxSolitaire, PTA, WingspanNoneUnderlying ICAD
342132YR M102B7145Neuron Max5 Max3 Max DANone
44381NR M20345210Neuron 0703 Max3 Max DANone
548153NR M10327578Neuron Max5 MaxNone
659256NBasilar apex0310620Chaperone3 MaxNone
761133NL M103191150Neuron Max5 MaxNone
862184NL M10319585Neuron Max5 MaxNone
971109YL M20323520703 Max
1073132NBasilar apex13211602Neuron Max5 Max3 Max DANone
117972NL M20345297703 Max
1282123NL M10311475Neuron Max5 MaxNone
1386130YL M10330520Neuron Max5 MaxTrevoNone
149019DeceasedNR ICA—T02B90225Neuron Max5 Max3 Max DA, separatorNone*
1580217YR ICA0344290Neuron Max5 MaxTrevoNone
1647172.ICA—T031786Neuron Max5 MaxTrevoNone
1754163NL M102B12NANeuron Max5 MaxNone
188119DeceasedYR M10345255Neuron Max5 MaxSolitaireNone
1981173NR M10314650Neuron Max5 MaxNone
205860YL M202B20200Neuron Max5 MaxNone
2181180YL M102B10233Neuron Max5 MaxNone
2273101YL M10315260Neuron Max5 MaxNone
234515DeceasedNL M10322183Neuron Max5 MaxNone*
24813026NBasilar tip02a22973Neuron Max5 MaxYesSmall SAH
25572012YL Carotid02B25221Neuron MaxNeuron MaxNone
2677206NBasilar tip0334235Neuron Max5 MaxNone
2777160YL carotid02B56125Neuron Max5 MaxTrevoNone
287030DeceasedNBasilar tip0332165Neuron Max5 Max4 MaxNone
2952195YM10315198Neuron Max5 Max4 MaxNone
3076252NM302B3970Neuron Max3 MaxNone
316583NM1033250Neuron Max5 MaxNone
328615DeceasedNM10343NANeuron Max5 MaxNone
334890NBasilar0314300Neuron Max5 MaxSolitaireNone
344850NBasilar02B3660Neuron Max5 MaxNoneDifficult guide access
3580140NR ICA0344180Neuron Max058 NavienNone
3646236NM202B59NANeuron Max5 MaxNone
3754198NL ICA02B52NANeuron Max5 MaxSolitaireNonePetrous ICA occlusion
  • *PH-2 hemorrhage next day. †Large infarction, withdrew care. ‡Carotid stenosis requiring stent.

  • DA, Direct Aspiration; ICA, internal carotid artery; ICAD, intracranial artery disease; MCA, middle cerebral artery; NA, not available; NIHSS, National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale; PTA, Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty; SAH, subarachnoid hemorrhage; TICI, Thrombolysis in Cerebral Ischemia; tPA, tissue plasminogen activator.