Table 3

Analysis of vessel and stenosis characteristics and rate of in-stent restenosis by location of lesion

All other sites (49 lesions of stenosis)Internal carotid artery (17 lesions of stenosis)p Value
Diameter of artery
 Mean±SD2.8±0.53.4±0.6<0.001 (Mann–Whitney)
 95% CI1.7 to 3.92.3 to 4.6
Degree of stenosis before stenting
 Mean±SD73.2±11.467.6±10.00.127 (Mann–Whitney)
 95% CI51.0 to 95.548.0 to 87.1
Degree of stenosis post-stenting
 Mean±SD47.7±13.945.7±11.20.538 (Mann–Whitney)
 95% CI20.4 to 75.123.7 to 67.7
In-stent restenosis
 Incidence10 (20.4%)1 (5.9%)0.314 (χ2)
 95% CI10.7% to 34.8%0.3% to 30.8%