Table 1

Prospective stroke trials and their criteria for enrollment and patient characteristics

TrialCriteriaTreatment armsnMean or median NIHSSMean hours from onset to treatment
NINDS,* 19952All ischemic strokes <3 hIV tPA31214.01.5*
PROACT II, 199911MCA occlusion, NIHSS≥4, <6 hIA prourokinase + IV heparin18017.04.7
IMS I, 200410Arterial occlusion, NIHSS≥10, <3 hIV tPA + IA tPA8018.02.3
MERCI, 200514Large vessel occlusion, NIHSS≥8, <8 hMechanical thrombectomy15120.14.3
IMS II, 200712Arterial occlusion, NIHSS≥10, <3 hIV tPA, IA tPA and ultrasound8119.02.4
Multi-MERCI, 200813Large vessel occlusion, NIHSS≥8, <8 hMechanical thrombectomy16419.0NR
Penumbra, 200915Large vessel occlusion, NIHSS≥8, <8 hMechanical thrombectomy12517.64.3
RECOST, 201116Large vessel occlusion, <6 h anterior circulation, <24 h posteriorSolitaire stent thrombectomy5014.75.6†
SARIS, 2009,6 20117Arterial occlusion, NIHSS≥8, <8 h, no response to IV tPAWingspan stent thrombectomy2014.05.2
SWIFT, 201217 19Large vessel occlusion, NIHSS 8–29, <8 h, no response to IV tPASolitaire stent thrombectomy11317.34.9
START, 20128Large vessel occlusion, NIHSS >10, <8 hMechanical thrombectomy7719.44.2
TREVO, 20129Large vessel occlusion, NIHSS 8–30, <8 hTREVO stent thrombectomy6018.03.5
TREVO 2, 201218 20Large vessel occlusion, NIHSS 8–30, <8 hTREVO stent thrombectomy8819.04.7
  • Time of treatment is defined as time of tPA administration in NINDS or time of groin puncture in all other studies. Data from SWIFT and TREVO 2 are from conference presentations.

  • *Calculated based upon number of patients in the 0–90 and 90–180 min stratum of the combined results.

  • †Summation of time to presentation, presentation to imaging, time required for imaging and time from imaging to groin puncture.

  • IA, intra-arterial; IV, intravenous; MCA, middle cerebral artery; NIHSS, NIS Stroke Scale; NR, not reported; tPA, tissue plasminogen activator.