Table 1

Summary of neurointerventions using the Navien distal intracranial catheter (6 F 0.072 inch ID or 5 F 0.058 inch ID) in an ultra-distal location

Patient no.Age (years)PathologySheathCatheter positionTreatmentComplications
152Right ICA terminus and PCom ANR6F SSDistal right sICAPipelineNone
254Right A2–A3 ANR6F SSDistal left sICAPipelineNone
357Left M2 ANR6F SSMid left M1PipelineNone
467Recurrent right SCA ANR5F 55 cmDistal left V4Stent-coilNone
550Left SCA ANR6F 65 cmProx-mid basilarStent-coilNone
648Basilar apex ANR6F 55 cmDistal left V4Stent-coilNone
756Basilar apex ANR6F 55 cmProximal basilarY stent-coilNone
857Tentorial AVM5F 55 cmDistal left V4Onyx 18None
941Choroidal AVM5F 60 cmMid basilarNoneNone
1048Left PICA ANR6F 55 cm*V3–V4 junctionPipe-coilNone
1151Basilar apex ANR6F 55 cm*V3–V4 junctionY stent-coilNone
  • *6 F 0.072 inch ID Navien used for jailing of the coiling microcatheter.

  • ANR, aneurysm; AVM, arteriovenous malformation; ICA, internal carotid artery; ID, inner diameter; PCom, posterior communicating artery; PICA, posterior inferior cerebellar artery; SCA, superior cerebellar artery; sICA, supraclinoid internal carotid artery; SS, shuttle sheath.