Table 1

Summary of case reports and series describing retrieval of migrated coils

Reference (Year)Retrieval methodNumber of casesAneurysm location(s)Treatment method(s)Coil typeProcedural complications
Leslie-Mazwi et al (2013)Solitaire stent, Catch Plus device14ACA, ICA, MCA, basilar arteryCE, BRT (details not specified)HyperSoftNone
Hopf-Jensen et al (2013)Solitaire stent1OACETarget 360°None
Lee et al (2011)Microwire and guidewire2SICA, paraclinoidBRT for paraclinoid, CE for SICAOrbit, HypersoftNone
O'Hare et al (2010)Solitaire stent1PCOMBRTMicroplex platinum helicalNone
O'Hare et al (2009)X6 Merci Retriever1PCOMCEMicroplex complexNone
Vora et al (2008)L5 Merci Retriever1VBJSACENXT platinumIntraprocedural rupture
Dinc et al (2006)2 mm Goose Neck snare2ACA, MCACE for ACA, BRT for MCAGuglielmi detachable, 3D MicrusNone
Henkes et al (2006)Alligator Retrieval device1Basilar bifurcationSACESapphireNone
Fiorella et al (2005)2 mm Goose Neck snare4SICA, MCASACE for ICA, CE for MCAMatrix 2DNone
Schutz et al (2005)Stent fixation of fractured coils3SICA, PCOMBRT and SACE for ICAs, CE for PCOMGuglielmi detachable
Koseoglu et al (2004)Goose Neck snare1MCACENot reportedNone
Raftopoulos et al (2002)Open microsurgical extraction with Rhoton 9 microhook1ACOMCEGuglielmi detachableNone
Prestigiacomo et al (1999)2 mm Goose Neck snare1PICACEGuglielmi detachableNone
Zoarski et al (1997)Non-angled Retriever device2Basilar bifurcationCEFibered platinum microcoilNone
Watanabe et al (1995)Retriever-18 loop snare1SCACEInterlocking detachableNone
Standard et al (1994)Dual guidewire1AICACEGuglielmi detachableNone
  • ACA, anterior cerebral artery; ACOM, anterior communicating artery; AICA, anterior inferior cerebellar artery; BRT, balloon remodeling technique; CE, coil embolization; ICA, internal carotid artery; MCA, middle cerebral artery; OA, ophthalmic artery; PCOM, posterior communicating; PICA, posterior inferior cerebellar artery; SACE, stent-assisted coil embolization; SCA, superior cerebellar artery; SICA, supraclinoid internal carotid artery; VBJ, vertebrobasilar junction.