Table 2

Clinical and angiographic outcomes

Patient NoControl angiography
during procedure
Imaging follow-up
Initial mRSComplicationsClinical follow-up
1Patency of BA, more retention of contrast mediumNo change/DSA/1.5 months
Occlusion of BA/DSA/6 months
1None0/48 months
2No changeDisappearance of double lumen/DSA/5 months1None0/31 months
3No changeNo change/DSA/11 months2None2/11 months
4Improvement in blood flowNone5Pulmonary embolism4/2 months
died/3 months
5No changeNone2Pontine infarction4/36 months
6More retention of contrast mediumThrombosis of the aneurysm sac/DSA/6 months1None0/26 months
7No changeDelayed retention of contrast medium/DSA/8 months1None1/8 months
8More retention of contrast mediumThrombosis of the dissection sac/ DSA/6 months4None3/28 months
9No changeNo change/DSA/5 months2None1/6 months
10No changeNo change/CTA/2 months0Pontine and cerebellar infarction3/2 months
11No changeNo change/DSA/6 months2None2/6 months
  • BA, basilar artery; CTA, CT angiography; mRS, modified Rankin Scale.