TableĀ 3

Summary of endovascular procedure, clinical and radiographical outcomes

PatientArteryPDPre-stent angioplastyStent numberStent typePost-stent residual (%)Peri-procedural complicationsLast clinic follow-up (months)mRS on last examLast imaging (months)
11+2C, SE50None18114
222C, SE+BM30None12214
332C, SE10None36036
44+2C, SE30None40040
5+1C, SE0None4040
561C, SE20None15015
72C+O, SE20None1515
6832C+O, SE10None1405
79+32C+O, SE20None616
81032C+O, SE20None303
9112C, SE20None303
1012++1C, SE10None12112
1113++1C, SE10+*40340
12141C, SE0None12112
13151C, SE10None303
1416+2C, SE20None42236
172C+O, SE50None3832
1518+43C+O, SE10None36036
16192C, SE10None344
17202C+O, SE0None21220
182132C+O, SE10None12112
221C, SE10None99
19231C, SE0None24024
2024++1C, SE20None36436
21251C (Pipeline)10None313
22263C+2O, SE20None10110
272C, SE20None33
  • *Embolic occlusion of the ophthalmic artery which was treated and patient was asymptomatic on immediate post-procedure exam.

  • BM, balloon mounted; C, closed; mRS, modified Rankin Scale; O, open; PD, protective device; SE, self-expanding.