Table 3

Asymptomatic nonagenarians

Patient NoMedical historyAnatomical considerationsType of embolic protectionType of stentComplications and/or last clinical follow-up
1Hyperlipidemia, former smokerNoneAccunet filter wire, distalXact93 months follow-up
2Hyperlipidemia, former smokerType II arch, tortuous innominateEPI filter wire, distalWallstentStroke within 30 days, 93 months follow-up
3Hyperlipidemia, HTN, CADNoneEmboshield, distalXactDeath at 47 months
4HTN, DM 2, previous stroke/TIAType III archAngioguard, distalPreciseTIA at 7 months, death at 15 months
5Hyperlipidemia, HTN, DM 2, CAD, previous stroke/TIA, former smokerType III archEZ filter, distalWallstent34 months follow-up
6Hyperlipidemia, HTN, DM 2, CADType II archNAV-6, distalXact15 months follow-up
7 (right)DM 2, CAD, former smokerType III archNAV-6, distalWallstent14 months follow-up
7 (left)DM 2, CAD, former smokerType III archEZ filter, distalWallstent14 months follow-up
8Hyperlipidemia, HTN, CAD, AFIBNoneAngioguard, distalPrecise5 months follow-up
9HTN, previous stroke/TIAType III archAngioguard, distalPrecise5 months follow-up
  • Cases are listed in chronological order of the date on which the procedure was performed.

  • Column 6 is the time measured from the day of procedure postoperatively to the last follow-up or to an event. There were no complications unless otherwise stated.

  • Previous ischemic stroke/TIA indicates a past history of ischemic events before the intervention in this study was performed.

  • Manufacturers: Accunet, Abbott Vascular, Redwood City, California, USA; Angioguard, Cordis, Warren, New Jersey, USA; Emboshield, Abbott Vascular; EPI, Boston Scientific, Natick, Massachusetts, USA; EZ, Boston Scientific; NAV-6, Abbott Vascular; Precise, Cordis; Xact, Abbott Vascular; Wallstent, Boston Scientific; Xact, Abbott Vascular.

  • AFIB, atrial fibrillation; CAD, coronary artery disease; DM 2, diabetes mellitus type 2; HTN, hypertension; TIA, transient ischemic attack.