Table 2

Demography, aneurysms types, clinical outcome and complications

Case NoAneurysm locationAneurysm typeNo PEDsmRS priormRS dischargemRS 3 monthsmRS 6 monthsIntraprocedural complications (management/outcome)Postprocedural events (asymptomatic/ symptomatic minor or major)Intrastent stenosis at DSA follow-up
1M1 RSaccular10000NoneNoneNo
2M1 RSaccular10000NoneNoneNo
3M1 RFusiform10000NoneNone40% asymptomatic
4MCA B LSaccular20000Acute branch occlusion related to hypotension, resolved
(increasing arterial pressure)
None30% asymptomatic
5A1–A2 RSaccular20000NoneRight parenchymal hypodensity in Heubneŕs artery territory on 24 h CT/asymptomatic70% asymptomatic
6M1 RDissecting10000NoneNoneNo
7MCA B RDissecting10000NoneNoneNo
8M1 RDissecting10000NoneNo30% asymptomatic
9M1 RDissecting20000NoneNoNo
10Carotid T RFusiform10000NonePostop minor symptomatic embolic stroke/resolved spontaneously 1 day laterNo
11A1–A2 RSaccular10522NonePostop distal multiembolic stroke, ongoing (major clinical event)No
12P1–P2 fetal RSaccular20000NoneNoneNo
13MCA T LSaccular10000NoneNoneNo
14M1 RSaccular20000Distal perforation, resolved (PVO coil and glue)Focal SAH on postop CT/asymptomaticNo
15M1–M2 RFusiform-saccular40000NoneNone60% symptomatic, resolved with angioplasty
16MCA B RSaccular10000NoneNone20% asymptomatic
17M1 RSaccular10000NoneNoneNo
19M1 LBlister-like10000NoneNoneNo
20A1–A2 RSaccular1000NANoneSymptomatic occlusion of perforators 2 days after procedure/resolved spontaneously 1 day laterNA
21M1 LSaccular–bi-lobuled1000NASlow opacification IT MCA
resolved (IA Reopro 5 mg)
22Pericallosal LSaccular13333NoneNoneNo
23M1 LDissecting10000NoneNoneNA
24MCA B RSaccular10000NoneNoneNA
25MCA B RSaccular–bi-lobed2000NANoneNoneNA
  • ACOM, anterior communicating artery; IA, intra-arterial; L, left; MCA B, middle cerebral artery bifurcation; mRS, modified Rankin Scale; NA, not available; PED, pipeline embolization device; Pericall, pericallosal artery; PVO, parent vessel occlusion; R, right; SAH, subarachnoid hemorrhage.