Table 4

Safety endpoints and complications for all ICA and M1 occlusions

Standard microEKOSMerciPenumbraSolitaireOther
PH-1* (%)
PH-2* (%)
HI-2* (%)25.042.922.418.025.014.3
SAH* (%)
SICH (%)3.914.37.87.725.013.3
ASICH (%)29.435.746.828.225.026.7
Perforation (%)
Dissection† (%)
Mortality (%)25.528.633.818.025.040.0
New emboli‡ (%)
  • *Subjects missing (n=3 with Standard micro, n=1 with Merci, n=1 with Other) owing to no post-baseline safety or 24 h CT scan.

  • †Subject missing (n=1 with EKOS, n=1 with Merci, n=2 with Penumbra) owing to no response.

  • ‡Subjects missing (n=4 with Standard micro, n=9 with Merci, n=9 with Penumbra, n=3 with Other) owing to non-evaluable scan.

  • ICA, internal carotid artery; HI, hemorrhagic infarction; PH, parenchymal hematoma; SAH, subarachnoid hemorrhage; SICH, symptomatic intracranial hemorrhage.