Table 1

Number of subjects, time to groin puncture, % arterial occlusive lesion (AOL) recanalization 2–3, % modified Thrombolysis in Cerebral Ischemia (mTICI) 2–3, %mTICI 2b–3, for all endovascular treated subjects and device/drug combinations, according to target AOL, or target vessel

Primary target vessel at angiography NTime from onset to groin puncture28 (min) Mean (SD)AOL 2–3 recanalization (%)mTICI 2–3 reperfusion (%)mTICI* 2b–3 reperfusion (%)mRS 0–2 (%)
All328208.0 (46.7)79.373.539.735.7
Extracranial ICA6167.2 (25.5)83.383.333.366.7
ICAT (C7)41192.4 (39.8)73.263.436.614.6
Other ICA (C2-C6)24218.2 (49.9)83.366.741.729.2
M1135206.7 (45.2)83.781.544.432.6
M283209.5 (48.6)78.372.338.641.0
M320195.2 (41.7)
M46189.3 (52.0)
ACA2212.5 (31.8)
Basilar4219.5 (80.9)100.0N/AN/A0.0
Vertebral196.0 (n/a)100.0N/AN/A100.0
PCA6233.2 (36.0)83.3N/AN/A50.0
  • Angio data incomplete or missing for 6 subjects.

  • ACA, anterior cerebral artery; ICA, internal carotid artery; ICAT, internal carotid artery terminus; mRS, modified Rankin Scale; N/A, not applicable; PCA, posterior cerebral artery.