Table 1

Demographic, clinical, and imaging features of patient population. Data are presented with findings at BIPSS and surgery

Age (range)Clinical symptomsMRI resultsCentral-izing BIPSSLateralization on BIPSSTreatmentPathologyClinical result
60sHypertension, osteoporosis, central obesity, diabetesRight inferior 4–5 mm noduleYesRightTumor resectionRight adenomaRemission
30sHypercortisolism, acne, chronic pain, diabetesLeft sellar 7 mm partly cystic noduleYesLeftTumor resectionLeft adenomaRemission
30sWeight gain, rounded facies, buffalo humpCentral inferior 2–3 mm nodule and far right sellar cystic noduleYesRightTumor resectionRight adenomaRemission
10sDelayed growth, cushingoid habitusNormalYesRightTumor resectionRight adenomaRemission
40sWeight gain, buffalo hump, fatigue, weakness, decreased bone densitySubtle abnormality inferiorlyYesLeftTumor resectionRight adenomaRemission
10sGrowth failure, obesity, facial plethora, acneNormalYesRightTumor resectionRight adenomaNo follow-up
20sHypothyroidism, weight gain, striaeNormalYesLeftTumor resectionInferior adenomaRemission
20sMemory loss, weight gain, irregular menses, hypertension, hirsutism, easy bruising, striae, buffalo hump, supraclavicular fatLeft sellar 6 mm noduleYesRightTumor resectionLeft adenomaRemission
60sWeight gain, diabetes, hypertension, chronic renal failureNormalYesRightTumor resectionRight adenomaRemission
30sWeight gain, fatigue, depression, anxietyRight sellar 8–9 mm cystic abnormalityYesNoneTumor resectionRight adenomaRemission
20sWeight gain, striae, facial hair, amenorrhea, diabetesLeft sellar 4 mm abnormalityYesRightTumor resectionLeft adenomaRemission
30sWeight gain, buffalo hump, hirsutismInferior right sellar noduleYesLeftTumor resectionRight adenomaRemission
40sHypertension, diabetes, central weight gain, acne, facial rounding, supraclavicular fatRight lateral sellar abnormalityYesNoneTumor resectionCentral/right adenomaRemission
50sFatigue, weakness, bruising, emotional liability, round faceNormalYesRightTumor resectionRight adenomaRemission
30sAmenorrhea, central weight gain, round face, easy bruising, muscle weakness, joint and back pain, fatigueRight pituitary noduleYesRightTumor resectionRight adenomaRemission
40sFatigue, anxiety, facial hirsutism, prolonged bruising, irregular menses, acne, weight lossNormalNoNoneNo follow-up
60sAnxiety, hypertension, easy bruising, hair lossPossible left pituitary lesionYesLeftNo surgeryOngoing symptoms
80sHypertension, hypercortisolemiaMidline 4–5 mm noduleYesLeftTumor resectionLeft adenomaRemission
10sHypercortisolemia with growth retardation, early puberty and evidence of Cushing diseasePossible right pituitary noduleYesRightTumor resectionRight adenomaRemission
20sCentral obesity, high blood pressure, easy bruising, striae, oligomenorrhea, dysthymiaPossible central noduleNoNoneTumor resectionRight adenomaRemission
  • BIPSS, bilateral inferior petrosal sinus sampling.