Table 1

Patient demographic data and aneurysm characteristics

Type IType II–IIIType IV
Total cases, n282926
Patient age (years), mean±SEM55.6±10.456.4±14.455±12.8
Sex, female (F) and male (M),nF25, M3F27, M2F26, M0
Aneurysm size (mm), mean±SEM6.25±3.57.6±4.99.11±4.9
Aneurysm size (mm), range3–213–243–18
Anterior circulation aneurysms, n273128
 Cavernous ICA1 (4)7 (23)13 (46)
 Paraophthalmic/clinoidal ICA21 (78)24 (77)14 (50)
 Supraclinoid ICA4 (14)01 (4)
 ICA termination1 (4)00
  • Results are shown as number (%) unless stated otherwise.

  • ICA, internal carotid artery.