Table 2

Radiological and clinical outcomes

Case NoBaby Trevo passes (n)Baby Trevo spasm (>50%)Baby Trevo territory—MRI outcomeParenchymal hemorrhageVessel perforationSAHmRS
11NoPartial infarctNoNoNo0 @3 m
21YesNo new infarctNoNoNo2 @3 m
32NoPartial infarctNoNoNo3 @1 m
43*Yes (inf div)No new infarctPH2NoNo4 @3 m
52YesNo new infarctNoNoNo5 @3 m
61NoComplete infarctPH1NoNo6 @3 m
71YesPartial infarctNoNoNo4 @3 m
81 each arteryYesPartial infarctNoNoNo4 @3 m
  • *Two passes in the superior and one in the inferior division.

  • div, division; inf, inferior; m, months; mRS, modified Rankin Scale; PH, parenchymal hemorrhage; SAH, subarachnoid hemorrhage.