Table 1

Demographic characteristics of patient population

Case numberLocation and description of malformation
1Incidentally diagnosed right frontal AVM, Spetzler–Martin grade IV, with MCA, lenticulostriate and choroidal feeders
2Incidentally diagnosed right cerebellar AVM, Spetzler–Martin grade I with feeders from the posterior and anterior inferior cerebellar arteries
3Incidentally diagnosed right frontal AVM supplied by the right MCA, anterior cerebral artery via the left internal carotid artery/anterior communicating artery with minimal contribution from the right posterior cerebral artery
4Unruptured high-grade (Cognard type II a+b, Borden type II) dural AVF into left transverse sigmoid sinuses with supply from left occipital artery branches
5Large left insular AVM, Spetzler–Martin grade III. History of acute subarachnoid hemorrhage secondary to ruptured left anterior choroidal aneurysm
6Large left hemispheric AVM, Spetzler–Martin grade IV s/p previous embolizations. Unruptured, patient presented with worsening hemiparesis
  • AVF, arteriovenous fistula; AVM, arteriovenous malformation; MCA, middle cerebral artery; s/p, status post.