Table 1

Individual patient characteristics

Patient NoAgePresenting symptomsSmokingHTNMaximum diameter (mm)Location*SRARShapeTime interval†
P170sSevere headacheNoNo12.3Lt C72.721.45Irregular5 days
P240sHeadacheYesNo14.7Lt C64.322.72Irregular2 days
P360sDizzinessYesNo22.4Lt C74.801.96Irregular3 days
U150sHeadacheNoYes10.1Lt C63.581.43Regular3 months
U270sHeadacheNoNo16.0Lt C62.701.85Regular8 months
U360sIncidentalNoYes11.9Lt C73.011.44Irregular3 months
U450sHeadache, dizziness and tinnitusNoNo10.7Rt C63.071.61Regular4 months
U550sTransient dizzinessNoNo14.7Lt C73.171.27Regular18 months
U670sIncidentalYesYes11.4Rt C72.801.10Regular5 months
U740sLeft blurred visionNoNo11.5Lt C63.171.21Regular5 months
U830sHeadacheYesYes10.0Rt C62.561.16Regular4 months
  • *The Bouthillier classification of internal carotid artery segments: C4, cavernous; C5, clinoid; C6, ophthalmic; C7, communicating. †The time interval for pre-ruptured cases indicates the time between angiography and eventual rupture. For unruptured cases, the time interval indicates the monitoring period from diagnosis.

  • AR, aspect ratio; HTN, hypertension; Lt, left; P, pre-ruptured case; Rt, right; SR, size ratio; U, unruptured case.