Table 1

Patient characteristics

Patient NoAneurysmIndicationSide/locationNeck/dome size (mm)Dome-to-neck ratio*Flow diverterAdditional coiling
11HeadachesMCA9.4/6.5 0.69SILK 3.5×25No
22SAH 3 years previously—not treatedMCA6.2/4.9 0.79SILK 3.5×25No
33SAH, staged treatment with incomplete coiling 17 days earlierACom†Total: 2.1/3.1 and 3.3/3.4 
Residual: 2.2/4.1 
1.86PED 2.5×20No
44SAH, staged treatment with incomplete coiling 6 months earlierMCATotal: 5.8/12.2 
Residual: 5.8/9.4 
1.62PED 2.5×20No
55SAH treated by coiling 5 years earlier, now aneurysm recurrenceAComTotal: 4.6/9.5
Residual: 6.7/5.0 
0.75PED 2.5×20No
66Increase in size of asymptomatic MCA aneurysm. SAH with coiling of ACom aneurysm 7 years earlierMCA4.7/5.2 1.10PED 3.0×12No
77Headaches, vertigoMCA6.1/6.9 1.13FRED 3.5×22×16No
88AsymptomaticMCA5.2/8.0 1.54FRED 3.5×13×7No
99AsymptomaticMCA‡3.3/5.4 1.64PED 2.5×16No
104.0/6.9 1.72
1011SAH, staged treatment with incomplete coiling 10 months earlierMCATotal: 5.0/18 
Residual: 5.0/6.0 
1.2PED 2.5×16No
1112SAH, staged treatment with very incomplete coiling 7 months earlierAComTotal: 4.0/7.0 
Residual: 4.0/4.0 
1.0PED 2.5×16No
1213Headaches. Recanalized aneurysm after treatment by intrasaccular flow disruption (WEB) 6 months earlierMCATotal: 8.8/10.4
Residual: 8.8/5.3 
0.60FRED 3.5×22×16No
1314Visual problems due to compressive effect of a giant, partially thrombosed aneurysm on the optic chiasmACom6.2/18.52.98FRED 3.5×22×16Yes
1415SAH, staged treatment with incomplete coiling 7 months earlierMCATotal: N/A/14.0
Residual: N/A/6.0 
N/A§PED 2.5×12No
1516AsymptomaticACom5.2/8.0 1.54PED 2.5×16No
1617SAH treated by coiling 10 years before, now aneurysm recurrenceMCATotal: 7.3/5.2
Residual: 4.0/4.0 
1.0FRED 3.5×13×7No
1718SAH treated by coiling 3 years earlier, now aneurysm recurrenceMCATotal: 5.0/10.0 
Residual: 8.0/8.0 
1.0PED 2.5×16No
  • *Dome-to-neck ratio of the remnant/recurrence is displayed.

  • †Aneurysm consisting of two sacs of which only one could be coiled. The other sac increased in size during follow-up.

  • ‡Two separate aneurysms.

  • §Not applicable in aneurysm without a defined neck.

  • ACom, anterior communicating artery; FRED, flow redirection endoluminal device; MCA, middle cerebral artery; PED, Pipeline embolization device; SAH, subarachnoid hemorrhage.