Table 1

Baseline characteristics of patients with good collateral score versus poor collateral scores

CharacteristicsPatients with good collateral score (n=38)Patients with poor collateral score (n=12)p Value
Age, mean (range)64 (38–86)64 (33–83)0.81
Hypertension, %8491.60.51
Hyperlipidemia, %66580.63
Diabetes, %47580.41
Atrial fibrillation, %29250.79
IV tPA treated, %76670.50
NIHSS, mean (range)17 (2–27)16 (12–23)0.52
Door to needle IV tPA (min), mean57.872.50.10
Onset to arterial puncture (min), mean2682820.71
Onset to revascularization (min), mean3483920.32
  • IV tPA, intravenous tissue plasminogen activator; NIHSS, National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale.