Table 1

Demographic and clinical characteristics by random assignment

CharacteristicAll (n=115)Kyphoplasty (n=59)Vertebroplasty (n=56)p Value
Age in years (mean±SD)75.6±10.075.1±10.176.1±10.00.61
Women (%)70.964.877.60.19
Caucasian race (%)98.096.2100.00.50
Hispanic ethnicity (%)
Education (%)0.92
 Less than high school9.89.410.2
 High school graduate37.339.634.7
 Some college and above52.950.955.1
Retired (%)70.667.973.50.66
Marital status (%)0.52
Smoking history (%)0.49
 Current smoker6.88.94.7
 Former smoker34.128.939.5
 Never smoker59.162.255.8
Charlson score (mean±SD)0.46±0.940.49±0.990.43±0.900.75
Comorbidities (%)59.360.557.90.83
Neurological deficit (%)
Prior fracture history (%)0.15
 None listed78.378.078.6
Prior back surgery (%)
Osteoporosis (%)
Current fracture % (mean±SD)24.1±19.023.1±17.525.2±18.80.62
Current fracture level (%)0.57
 L1 only14.817.012.5
 T11 only8.710.27.1
 T12 only12.215.28.9
 Other location(s)42.635.650.0
 Not listed21.722.021.4
Narcotic medication at entry (%)60.557.164.10.65
NSAID at entry (%)24.426.222.20.79
  • NSAID, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.