Abstract E-001 Table 2

Procedural variables

All patients (n = 59)ADAPT only (n = 46)ADAPT with solumbra salvage (n = 13)p-value
Number of devices passes3.12.35.6 0.005
5 Max ACE use70%63%92%0.084
ACE 64 use30%37%8%0.084
TICI 2 b/3 reperfusion90%91%85%0.6
Carotid stent deployment12%13%8%1
Embolus to new territory5%4%8%1
Iatrogenic cervical dissection3%015% 0.046
Puncture to Reperfusion, minutes41.729.585.1 0.0001
Last Known Well to Reperfusion, minutes2712593160.17