Table 1

Summary of previous cases of intravascular metal-induced dermatitis

Author (year)Target vesselPlacement deviceContaining metalSkin symptom (onset time from device placement)Prognosis (therapy performed time from placement)
Nagata and Kawakubo (2013)4Coronary arteryCoronary stentNickel, chromium, cobalt, ironErythema (3 weeks)Coronary bypass performed after resection of occluded stent (2 years)→improvement
Jetty et al (2013)5Superficial femoral artery (SFA)Self-expandable stentNickelEczematous dermatitis (2 weeks)Saphenous vein reconstruction performed after resection of SFA with stent (8 months)→improvement
Gimenez-Arnau et al (2000)6Abdominal aortaStent graftNickelEczematous dermatitis (3 weeks)Oral antihistamine and topical steroid therapy (3 weeks)→improvement
Clague et al (2012)3Gonadal veinPlatinum coilPlatinum, tungstenUrticaria (1 month)Gonadal vein resection with coils (14 months)→improvement
Present caseInternal carotid arteryPlatinum coilPlatinum, tungsten, goldRash, erythema (3 weeks)Oral steroid administration (12 months)→improvement