Table 2

Procedural variables

All Patients N=100Solumbra group N=55 (%)ADAPT group N=45 (%)p Value*
Mean number of device passes2.72.23.3†0.02
IA-tPA administration85 (9)3 (7)0.7
Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa inhibitor administration64 (7)2 (4)0.7
Successful reperfusion (TICI 2b/3)8646 (84)40 (89)0.6
Mean time from puncture to reperfusion, min5151500.8
Mean time from LKW to reperfusion, min2993192740.08
Carotid stent deployment115 (9)6 (13)0.5
Embolus to uninvolved territory31 (2)2 (4)0.6
Cervical dissection202 (4)0.2
Catheter rupture and retention101 (2)0.5
Vessel rupture11 (2)01
  • Bold type indicates statistical significance.

  • *p Value for the difference between the Solumbra group and the ADAPT group using either the Student t test or Fisher exact test.

  • †Includes total number of ADAPT and Solumbra passes in cases where Solumbra salvage was needed.

  • ADAPT, A Direct Aspiration first-Pass Thrombectomy; IA-tPA, intra-arterial tissue plasminogen activator; LKW, last known well; N, number of patients; TICI, Thrombolysis In Cerebral Infarction.