Table 1

Overview of the aneurysm characteristics, clinical and radiological follow-up and use of adjunctive devices

Patient noAneurysm locationAneurysm shapeNumber of MEDsInitial result (mRRC)ComplicationsFollow-upFollow-up resultRepeat/adjunctive treatment
1Right ICA cavernous segmentSpherical2×MED framing, 7×MED fillingIIIbNone2 daysComplete exclusionNone
2AcomASphericalAttempted MED—failed to detach; reverted to coilingICoil embolization and strokeN/A
3ICA bifurcationBeehive1×MED framing, 6×MED fillingIINoneN/ApCONus to protect neck
4AcomABeehive1×MED framing, 1×MED fillingIIIbNoneN/A
5Distal basilar sidewallSpherical1×MED framing 2×MED fillingIIIaNone1 monthStable
6Right MCA bifurcationConical2×MED framing, 3×MED filling coil, 2×helical fiber coilsIINone1 monthStable neck residualCarotid stent for ulcerated plaque
7Left PcomASpherical/oblong1×MED framing, 2×MED fillingIINone1 monthStable neck residualICA p64, follow-up 2 months after flow diverter showing reduction in size of neck remnant
8Right MCA bifurcationBeehive, vessels arising from neck1×MED framingIIIbNone2 monthsEnlarging neck remnantpCONus to protect neck
9Left supraclinoid ICAWide necked, conical4×MED framing, 1×MED filling, 1×standard coilIIIbMultiple small DWI lesions bilaterally and right hemiparesis7 monthsComplete exclusionp64
9Right supraclinoidMulti lobular1×MED framingIIIa7 monthsComplete exclusionp64
10Right paraophthalmicOblong, wide neck1×MED framingIIIbNone2 monthsFundus excluded, neck residualp64 to treat neck
11Left MCA bifurcationBeehive1×MED framing, 1×helical fiber coilIINone1 monthStable neck residualSingle helical coil inside MED framing coil
12Right cavernousSpherical1×MED framing, 3×MED fillingStasis in the aneurysmNoneN/A2× p64
13Basilar tipSpherical1×MED framing, 3×MED filling, 6×standard helical coilsIIIaNoneN/ApCONus to protect neck
14Right paraophthalmicSpherical1×MED framingStasis in the aneurysmIn-stent thrombosis secondary to inadequate antiplatelet effect2 monthsComplete exclusionp64 to treat second blister aneurysm
15Right paraophthalmicOblong, multilobulated1×MED framing, 2×MED fillingIINone2 weeksStable neck residualp64
  • AcomA, anterior communicating artery; ICA, internal carotid artery; MCA, middle cerebral artery; MED, Medina Embolic Device; mRRC, modified Raymond-Roy classification; PcomA, posterior communicating artery.