Table 1

Society of Neurointerventional Surgery suggested stroke process time metrics*

ActionTime (min)†SNIS ‘ideal’ time‡
Door to physician<10On arrival
Door to NCCT/CTA<25On arrival
Door to stroke team<15<10 min
Door to NCCT interpretation<45<15 min
Door to CTA interpretationN/A<20 min
(or 10 min after acquisition)
Door to IV tPA<60<30 min
Door to CTP/MRI (optional)N/A<30 min
CSC Door to punctureN/A<60 min
CSC Door to recanalizationN/A<90 min
PSC picture to CSC puncture§N/A<90 min
  • *Assuming emergency medical services prenotification. †AHA 2013 standard.

  • ‡SNIS ideal.

  • §Assuming direct transfer to biplane neuroangiography suite when feasible.

  • AHA, American Heart Association; CTA, CT angiography; CTP, CT perfusion; CSC, Comprehensive Stroke Center; NCCT, non-contrast CT scan; PSC, Primary Stroke Center; SNIS, Society of NeuroInterventional Surgery; tPA, tissue plasminogen activator.