Table 3

Treatment and imaging outcome of patients

Mean no of FDS (range)
 VertebralN/A2.8 (1–3)N/A
 Basilar4.5 (2–6)8.3 (1–19)4 (3–5)
 Vertebrobasilar5 (4–6)3.6 (1–7)8.2 (1–18)
 Vertebrobasilar-cerebralN/AN/A5 (2–8)
 Basilar-cerebralN/A1 (1)N/A
Average no of treatment episodes (range)
 VertebralN/A1.35 (1–3)N/A
 Basilar1 (1)3.66 (1–5)1 (1)
 Vertebrobasilar1.5 (1–2)1.66 (1–2)1.86 (1–5)
 Vertebrobasilar-cerebralN/AN/A2 (1–3)
 Basilar-cerebralN/A1 (1)N/A
Angiographic follow-up status
 Minor remnant/filling137
 Major remnant/filling005
1 no follow-up available1 no follow-up available, 1 died1 no follow-up available, 8 died
MRI follow-up of those without angiographic occlusion (n=18)1413
 New infarcts003
 Increased intra-aneurysmal thrombus036
 Increased mass effect003
 Decrease in maximum diameter of aneurysm031
 No change in maximum diameter of aneurysm018
 Increase in maximum diameter of aneurysm004
  • FDS, flow-diverting stent.