Table 1

Fibrin and cellular composition of the seven clot types stained with H&E and Martius Scarlet Blue, based on the area analysis of the stained sections

Clot analog type% areap Value% areap Value% areap Value% areap Value% areap Value
A (n=25)7.82±2.750.82591.21±2.980.7620.98±0.830.2798.63±3.770.69591.21±3.770.695
B (n=25)0.95±1.140.98499.05±1.140.984**1.18±1.290.88898.82±1.290.888
C (n=25)30.87±4.060.97568.34±3.860.9750.79±0.760.69733.05±3.600.92766.95±3.60.927
D (n=25)37.62±4.150.23662.38±4.150.236**40.2±4.80.81959.8±4.80.819
E (n=25)64.30±4.110.20435.70±4.110.204**61.88±3.20.71038.12±3.20.710
F (n=25)79.19±5.630.33918.07±5.280.2672.74±2.20.86376.34±4.770.15623.66±4.770.156
G (n=25)100±010±01**100±010±01
  • To determine the reproducibility of the protocols applied, a one-way ANOVA test was used for comparison of the replicates for each clot type and is denoted as the p value.

  • A p value <0.05 was considered statistically significant.

  • *WBCs not present in clot.

  • MSB, Martius Scarlet Blue; RBC, red blood cell; WBC, white blood cell.