Table 2

Percentage area variation of fibrin, and red blood cell and white blood cell composition between different clot types based on a two sample Student's t test at 95% CI

Clot comparisonCI (% variation)p ValueCI (% variation)p ValueCI (% variation)p Value
Clot C vs clot D(−9.09 to −4.42)<0.001(+3.68 to +8.241)<0.001**
Clot B vs clot A(−8.083 to −5.655)<0.001(+6.540 to +9.148)<0.001**
Clot E vs clot F(−17.69 to −12.09)<0.001(+14.94 to +20.32)<0.001**
Clot A vs clot F(−73.92 to −68.82)<0.001(+70.68 to +75.59)<0.001(−2.728 to −0.807)0.001
Clot A vs clot C(−25.032 to −21.073)<0.001(+20.906 to +24.832)<0.001(−0.268 to+0.636)0.418
Clot C vs clot F(−51.11 to −45.52)<0.001(+47.63 to +52.90)<0.001(−2.903 to −1.00)<0.001
  • Statistical comparison was performed on clot types with similar pre-coagulated composition and/or similar percentage fibrin/RBC/WBC in the coagulated sample.

  • A p value <0.05 was considered statistically significant. A positive or negative sign refers to an increase or decrease in the value, respectively.

  • *No WBC comparison.

  • RBC, red blood cell; WBC, white blood cells.