Table 4

Procedural information

Cohort 1
Aspiration success (n=44)
Cohort 2
Aspiration failure (n=32)
CharacteristicsNo%No%p Value
Intervention typeN/A
 ADAPT: aspiration only44100.013.1
 ADAPT: aspiration→SR00.02268.8
 Intent to ADAPT→SR00.0928.1
Operator experience (years), mean4.303.720.701
Process times
 Symptom to puncture (min), mean307.8278.00.280
 Arrival to puncture (min), mean122.1124.20.241
 Puncture to 1st pass (min), mean27.440.00.005
 Number of passes, mean1.343.25<0.001
Guide catheter0.695
 Shuttle (Cook)1840.91340.6
 Neuron MAX (Penumbra)2352.31650.0
 FlowGate (Stryker)36.839.4
Aspiration catheter0.393
 5 MAX ACE (Penumbra)3375.02165.6
 ACE 64 (Penumbra)1125.01031.3
 Catalyst (Stryker)00.013.1
Stent retrieverN/A
 Trevo (Stryker)00.02681.3
 Solitaire (Medtronic)00.039.4
 Trevo (Stryker)/Solitaire (Medtronic)00.026.3
TICI scoreN/A
  • ADAPT, direct aspiration first pass; SR, stent retriever; TICI, Thrombolysis in Cerebral Infarction.